Precision : me is a personal blog project I started to document the beginning of my journey to become fit. The goal of the project is to share my health data in real-time with the online community with the goal to address misconceptions and misperceptions about obesity and weight loss.

As a physician who has struggled with his weight for the past 12 years, I will be the first to acknowledge that knowing how to do something is vastly different from putting knowledge into practice. My goal in precision : me isn’t to show that weight loss is easy or that sustainable weight loss can be done quickly.The purpose of this blog is to document my personal journey to get fit over the next 90 days. Please note: this is not a “DIY/follow along” health hack. Any person interested in beginning a weight loss regimen or trying any of the strategies mentioned in this blog, should consult with his or her own medical provider. Don’t even think about doing this on your own. VLCDs can pose serious health risks to some people and requires close health monitoring by a medical professional. Consult with your doctor to find the right weight management plan. If you think you or someone you know might have an eating disorder, help is available online.

Instead, I hope to show how today’s modern digital health tools can provide people with tons of data that can be used to drive precision plans to improve health. Although this blog is only set to document the first 90 days of my journey, I hope it will provide a greater lens through which we can see the power that data, when liberated to all members of the care team, can have on creating health.

The name of this blog is derived from the growing use of the terms precision medicine and precision health, which broadly describe an “emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person.” Precision : me is a very practical and personal dive into developing and implementing a precise plan to modify my diet and metabolic profile to forestall the development of more significant chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease using data and analytics provided through digital health tools and expert medical, nutritional and fitness collaborators.

To keep it real, I’m sharing everything. All of my self-tracking data, including the costs associated with this hack, are available to the public.

You can reach me on Twitter @larrychu or hashtag #precisionme.

Larry Chu, MD
Executive Director, Stanford Medicine X
Associate Professor of Anesthesia
Stanford University School of Medicine