Here’s a list of a few of the digital health tools I’m using during this 12-week health hack on my journey to get fit. Of course, my journey won’t be over in 12 weeks (I plan to continue until I reach my goals). However, I’m promising to use this blog to share my experiences over the next 90 days.

Please note I paid for all of these items myself and received no payment or reimbursement from any of these companies. I’m also paying for my own fitness trainer and medical team at Enara Health myself, though some of the costs are partially covered by my health insurance plan. I’m not endorsing these tools for other people per se, but they are part of my digital health toolkit because I find them very useful. Since I’ve been engaging a personal trainer for nearly 11 years and didn’t hire one specifically for this hack, I’m not including it in my cost accounting. You do not need a personal trainer to exercise. I happen to enjoy the motivation and new ideas that Vince Bulnes brings to my workouts. Budget conscious folks can definitely engage exercise in a group class setting or on their own. Personally, I have found the expertise that a personal trainer brings to my workouts to be indispensable for my motivation and engagement.

Also please understand that I’m not trying to make a case that everyone should do what I’m doing. This is an N-1 hack on myself that I’m doing in collaboration with a medical doctor, nutritionist and digital health team. You shouldn’t attempt to do any of this on your own without medical supervision. I’m a medical doctor and I went to a medical specialist to help me with this hack.



  • Vince Bulnes – Noxcuses Fitness


  • Apple iPhone 6
  • Apple Watch
  • Dexcom G4 Platinum Share
  • Max Plus Glucometer and Ketonemeter


  • Enarahealth Mobile App (subscription weight management clinic program)
  • QS Access Mobile App
  • Dexcom Portrait Web app
  • Excel